پشم سنگ عایق الاستومری
پنج‌شنبه 3 اردیبهشت‌ماه سال 1388
توسط: آلفا پک

افکت موج های آب

در این آموزش شما با ساختن موج آب واقعی که با استفاده از ماسک و مهارت های دیگه از فلش  در اون شرکت دارن آشنا می شوید و احتیاجی به نوشتن اکشن اسکریپ نیست و همچنین با ساختن موج های آب و به حرکت در آوردن اونا به صورت  shape آشنا می شوید و چیز های دیگه.

Step 1Create a new flash document and set frame rate to 13 fps (Frames per Second).

Step 2
Import any picture in flash (Ctrl+R), on which you want to apply the water effect.

Step 3
While your picture is still selected, press F8 key (Convert to Symbol) to convert it into a Movie Clip.

Step 4
Double click on a new made Movie Clip (picture) or choose right click and Edit in Place.

Step 5
While your picture is still selected, press F8 key to Convert it into a Graphic symbol.

After that, double click on layer1 to rename its name in mianPicture. Then, click on frame 1, choose right click and Copy Frames.

Step 6

Insert a new layer and name it picture. Click on frame 1 and choose right click and Paste Frames.

Step 7

Insert a new layer again, and name it waterEffect.

Step 8

Take the Rectangle Tool (R), Stroke color must be switched off, under Fill color choose any color and draw a "rectangle" over the picture. Then, take the Selection Tool (V), and do like it is shown on the picture below.

Finally, you'll need to get this:

Step 9

Click on frame 10, 20 and 30 of layer waterEffect and press F6 (Keyframe).

Step 10

Go back on frame 10, and using the arrows key on the keyboard, move the "effect" a little down. After that click on frame 30, and move the "effect" a little up.

Step 11

Select the waterEffect layer, and in Properties Panel under Tween choose Shape.

Step 12

Select waterEffect layer and convert it to a mask by right-clicking on the waterEffect layer and selecting Mask.

Step 13

Click on frame 30 of layer picture and main_picture and press F5 on the keyboard.

Test your Movie (Ctrl+Enter).

We're done!

Download source file (.fla)