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Top 90 Free Flash tutorial




 اگر شما به فکر این هستید که شکل وبسایت خودتون را دگرگون کنید یا اینکه در پی کسب مهارت هستید حتما این ۹۰ تورتیال زیر را مطالعه کنید ادامه مطلب را ببینید

illusionary effects of Flash technology has doyened a new paradigm in the world of multimedia. The most indebted would be the websites that have come a long way from the days of static graphics to the era of awe-inspiring Flash animation. Whether standalone movies, interactive demos, or cool animations, Flash works have added elegance and interactivity to the web pages. Now almost every site or advertisements feature enlivening works of Flash to allure potential customers. The Macromedia Flash is now Adobe Flash with a makeover, but continues its great work. With Flash so much praised, the bottomline  remains that its an intricate application that needs a backbreaking effort to master. Well, to gain expertise over Flash you need a good guidence and that's what the free tutorials are there for. So, I took the toil to gather an extensive list of top 80+ Flash tutorial that would serve almost every Flash designer from an amateurs to the pros. Let's get on with the Top Flash tutorial to create what you have dreamed of. 

1. Beginner Flash Tutorials

This is where you find the abc of Flash. The beginners can learn a lot from it such as layer masks, motion and shape Tweens, picture rotator slideshow and much more.

2. Adobe Flash cs4 basics : Brush Tool

The tutorials includes some handy tips for Adobe Flash cs4 IDE.  The tutorials can help to create some stunning Flash works.

3. Flash Tutorial - Frames, keyframes and the time line

This tutorial explains you the rudimentary of frames, keyframes and time line.

4. Flash Guide - Gradients

Know how to create different types of gradients in Flash.

5. Gradients in Flash

This simple tutorial  show how to create radial, linear and bitmap gradients in Flash

6. Flash design tutorial - Drawing tools in Flash

Get acquainted with the  techniques for creating graphics from scratch in Flash.

7.   Flash Slideshow

Lean how to create slideshow in flash.

8. Frame by Frame Blic Photo Effect

Now you must have seen this blic blic photo effect using flash . This tutorial gives you a step by step process to create blic photo effect.

9. Adobe Flash Video Button

It is again one of those helpful tutorials that allows you to learn how to create video button in Flash.

10. How to convert wmv to flv on Mac

This is a really utile tutorial that teaches you how to convert wmv to flv on Mac. by converting the wmv video files you can share it on youtube or in your blog on Mac.

Rudimentary for Beginners

11. Creating a Basic Flash MX Animation

For any learner who wants to master the basics of Flash MX like layers, tweens, colors, text, lines, shapes, and more can look forward to this tutorial.

12. Flash PowerTools: Exploring Gradients

Learn the power tools to supercharge the task of designing, coding, compiling, testing and more.

13. Masking in Flash

Learn the basics of masking in Flash with this tutorial.

14. Flash Fade In and Fade Out Effect

This lesson illustrates you how to fade in and fade out an image in Flash MX

15. Flash Zooming Effect

Using this tutorial you can create zooming effect using basic tweening

16. Blur Effect in Flash 8.0

Learn how to use the in-built blur filter to create blur effect in Flash 8.0.

17. Flash Ripple Effect

This tutorial teaches you the steps to create a simple straight Ripple effect in Flash MX 2004.

18. Advanced Alpha Tweening - Ripple effect

This tutorial explains you about advanced Ripple effect made from basic tweening effect.

19. Sparkling Glass Effect in Flash

It illustrates you on the steps required to create sparkling effect or twinkling star effect in Flash MX.

20. Using Sound in Flash Buttons

This tutorial briefs on process of including Sound in a Button's Timeline

21. Online Flash Tutorial - Drawing Geometrical shapes

Learn how to draw the geometrical shapes such as rectangles, squares, circles or ovals in Flash

For Flash Website

22. RollOver Button with sound

This tutorial offers you a step by step illustration of creating rollover buttons with sound

23. Vertical Flash Menu

Learn how to create vertical flash menu in flash using the Action Script with this tutorial.

24. Flash website tutorial to transform menu

With the help of this tutorial, you can learn how to create transform menu

25. Creating Animated Logo Flash

Learn how to create animated logo in Flash

26. Create Glow Flash menu

Learn this tutorial to create advanced glow flash menu applying the Action Script code.

27. Dropdown Menu in Flash MX 2004

If you have learned how to create basic buttons in Flash MX 2004, then you can use this tutorial for creating dropdown menu.

28. Drop down menu in Flash MX

This lesson explains how to create a Menu button in Flash MX.

29. Drop Down Flash Menu

With the help of this tutorial you can learn how to create a basic drop down menu.

30. Create Dynamic Flash Navigation Menu

This tutorial illustrates how you can develop a dynamic Flash navigation menu using some advanced script. This can be done in MX 2004 and above.

31. High Tech flash menu

Know how to create advanced, high tech flash menu with the help of action script code and some other special flash tips and tricks.

31. Simple header appearance with sound

This tutorial teaches you to create an enticing header with sound.

32. Advanced flash menu with effects and sound

This is an elaborate tutorial for designing advanced and modern flash menu with sound with Flash 8 professional.

33. Black-and-white flash menu

Following the stepwise procedure in this tutorial you can create black-and-white flash menu.

34. Making a Splash Page in Adobe Flash

This is one of the simplest tutorials that allows you to create a unique splash page in adobe flash.

35. 3D Flash Menu

Using this Flash lesson you can create advanced 3D flash menu in flash 8 applying Action Script.

36. Text presentation in flash

This elaborate Flash lesson explains you how to create the modish text presentation in Flash.

37.  Flash: Image Mask Effect

It teaches you how to create dreamy image effect for slide show within a few minutes.

38. Bouncing flash menu

Learn how to generate advanced bouncing flash menu with the help of action script code. Look into the special flash tips and tricks.

39.  Photo animation with sound

This tutorial teaches you how to create advanced animation with sound.

40. Text falling flash animation

This tutorial illustrates the text falling animation using Flash

41. How to make a simple button animation using tweens

This tutorial is for those acquainted with basics of actionscripting that teaches you to make button animation.

42. Appearing images with sound

Learn the steps how to make the cool images appear.

43. Bmw roadster animation using a Tint and mask techniques

Learn the effective ways for photo animation using tint and mask techniques.

44. Circle animation in flash using the Motion Tween and Free Transform Tool

Know how to generate modern circle animation in Flash

45. Flash Tutorial Beginner - Onion Skinning

With onion skinning you can see multiple frames at the same time. This tutorial teaches you the tricks for Onion skinning.

46. Circle animation in flash

This tutorial guides you in creating Circle animation

47.  Appearing images with sound

Learn the steps how to make the cool images appear.

48. New tutorial on 3D photo panels

Now you can create 3D photo panels using Flash.

49. Animation Princliples

There is a lot of how to stuff to be acquired from these flash tutorials for Macromedia Flash MX such as how make a scrolling bar, how can download flash template with source file etc.

Tutorials for Flash Website

50. Learn How to Create a Flash Website

This is a step by step guide for developing unique flash website. It has a lots to offer from creating flash role over buttons to flash animation and more.

51. How to design a cool futuristic website interface

It's a easy to learn tutorial that guides you on designing a great interface for your Flash website.

52. Create a Flash Website on the Basis of a Pre-made Design

In this tutorial you will learn animation of content changing, Flash menu, how to create animated buttons and links, how to convert any design element into a Movie Clip and how to convert any layer into mask.

53. Advanced Flash Website Tutorial

From this tutorial learn the details of creating an advanced flash website.

54. Funky flash website Tutorial

If you are planning to give your flash website a funky look, this tutorial is your key.

Tutorials for Cool Flash Animations

55. Creating Simple Animations with Poser and Flash by Lee Brimelow

This is a video tutorial by Lee Brimelow that allows you to create simple and lightweight animations.

56.  Basic Animation in flash

With this video tutorial you can learn the basics animations in Flash

57. Cartoon Animation

Making cartoons and animations is what every Flash learner craves for. This tutorial will fullfil your aspiration by allowing you to learn very simple, scripting free methods for developing animated characters.

58. Animated dynamic button series

With this tutorial you can create a group of buttons that generate themselves automatically depending on an external .txt file. This text files can be easily modified with ease. This requires Flash 6 or above.

59. Creating real-time 3D objects with Flash MX

There is a great demand for 3D Flash animations. Here is a tutorial that teaches you all about creating 3D object in Flash MX

60.   Animating effects in Flash CS3 for beginners

Learn the basic of animating effects in Flash CS3

61. Pausing  Animation

To look into the details of an animation you need to pause it. Learn how to pause your animation with this tutorial.

62. Editing Multiple Frames of Animation in Flash

With the help of this video tutorial you can move, scale or alter multiple frames of animation together using the Edit Multiple Frames feature.

63. Explosion Strobe Effect

This video tutorial teaches you a simple technique to add blinding, powerful effect to the impact animations, explosions and lightning bolts.

64. Timing: Ease In and Ease Out

One of the most important things with your Flash animation is the timing principles.  This tutorial assists you in moving your animation more naturally using the  Ease in/out slider for tweening.

65. Learn to animate well

The tutorials shows you how to animate a short flash movie.  This is a fantastic learning experience.

66. Using "Character Builders" in Flash

It's a video tutorial that helps you with a fast and simple way to put together your own character combinations using pre-made heads and bodies.

67. Special Effects

There is lot to explore on color animation, clock (rotate), wave effect and get url. Get on with the free online training.

68. Animation & Effects Tutorials

The tutorial has a lot of basic animation stuffs to learn. It includes works on motion tween, shape tween, working on layers, bouncing effect etc. Use the tutorials to learn frame by frame Shining Text Mask Effect, Lightning Effect, Film Grain Effect, Drawing Snowflakes, Fog Effect, Drawing & Creating Characters in Flash and Rotating Globe Effect. Apart from tutorials the site also offers extensive flash resources.

69. Using Flash to Create Comics

The video tutorial provides everything that is required to create animation time they will save.

70.  Creating analog clock in FlashMX 2004

With this tutorial you can accomplish on of the basic Flash works, and that's creating an analog clock.

71. Designing 2D Smoke

You always thought of doing the 2D smoke. Here's the video tutorial that teaches you everything from basic wireframe sketch to a full colored design with shading

72.  Count down timer

See through this tutorial to create a countdown timer using actionscript 2

73.  Butterfly Wings Animation

This tutorial explains you how to create butterfly wings animation using Flash MX.

74. Photo Session Presentation

Learn the way create a cool photo session presentation

75.   Advanced Holiday card presentation with shine effect

That great stuff for greetings. Learn how to create advanced card presentation using Flash.

76. Fancy Hockey animation

This is a easy to learn tutorial explaining how to create modern and fancy hockey animation

77.  Use Motion Guide to drive a car

This tutorial lets you the steps for animating a car and driving it on the road.

78. Creepy House Animation

Creating creepy house scene with heavy rain and lightning effect

79. Mouse Cursor Bubbles Particle Effect

This tutorial shows how to create mouse cursor in form of bubbles particle

80.  Bird flight animation

Create bird flight animation using this tutorial

81. Fresh Water Animation

Create the effect of water splashing with the help of this tutorial

82. Simple Clouds Animation

Learn how to make simple clouds animation

83. Animating lip sync using the Mouth Comp System (text version)

One of the crucial features to handle in your animation is lip sync. This tutorial teaches you about the Mouth Comp system that makes the lip syncing process much easier.

84. How To Lip-Syncing with Flash

So you have an animated character and you want a lip-syncing using flash, use this tutorial to create the lip-sync.

85. Best Animation Quality

This lesson informs you about the changes in settings that will give you Best Animation Quality

Flash Games

86. Flash Racing Game Tutorial

It is a tutorial for time tria racing game. Once you have completed with it, you may even develop your own racing game using Flash.

87. Space Shooter

This is a series of tutorials that guides you in developing a Space Shooter game

88. Snake Game Tutorial

This game has a lot of variations of written in Flash. In this tutorial you will get one of the ways to create it.

89. Baloon Shooter

Learn this tutorial to develop the baloon shooting game.

Flash Music Player

90. Music Player

This is exclusively for the pros.  You can develop a music player using actionscript 3 in Flash. 


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